Pair of Smash and Grabs in downtown point to increase in car break ins for Historic District

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Car beak ins are dropping across the city except in Savannah’s downtown area.
in fact, there they’ve gone up. Now a lot of people are dealing with thefts and smashed windows.

“There’s a certain sense of violation when your stuff has been rummaged through, everything’s laying out on the seats.”

That was the case for Methodist minister Ben Gosden and another neighbor early one morning this week in Telfair square. he says took his radio.

“Apparently someone wanted it bad enough that when they saw a couple of cars they knocked the windows in,” Gosden adds.

Two cars smashed and a glove box were ripped out all in a square home to the Telfair museum and Jepson arts center. The thefts come as car break ins around downtown reach nearly 390 reported this year almost ninety more than in 2015 at this time.

“It is a small case, but we do take it very seriously because what it shows us as a police department is someone is willing by an mean necessary to violate someone else’s property, to violate someone else’s goods and that’s just something we can’t stand for. You should not have that fear we want to alleviate that fear as best we can,” CPO Williams adds.

Metro crime prevention officers say crimes like the one at Telfair come when criminals see an opportunity. In this case, pastor Gosden says both cars were parked in a dark area of president street.

“Put yourself in a potion as if you were going to leave yourself there you want people to be able to see you, not necessarily surveying while they’re sitting there at their dinner table, walking their dogs, people can actually see you same thing should go for the vehicle,” says the CPO.

Police add car break ins are down city wide compared to 2015, in fact, the only area of town they are increasing is downtown Savannah.

“We probably won’t be leaving our car on the street for a while,” says the pastor.

The best advice from Metro to neighbors is to try and park near surveillance cameras, where it’s well lit, and make sure nothing of value is left in the car before you lock it for the night.

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