Family, others come together to pray for child shot in SC school shooting

Courtesy: WSPA

POWDERSVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Around a hundred people came together Thursday evening for a prayer vigil for Jacob Hall.

His older brother organized the vigil that was held in the parking lot of the Walmart in Powdersville.

Jacob’s brother says doctors have been doing everything they can to help the 6-year-old and all they’re asking for is prayer.

Jacob Hall was shot in the leg Wednesday at Townville Elementary School when a 14-year-old gunman shot at a door he and his classmates were coming out of for recess.

Photo: Jacob Hall (Courtesy: Hall Family)
Photo: Jacob Hall (Courtesy: Hall Family)


“He’s such an intelligent kid,” says his brother, Gerald Gambrell.

“He’s top of his class. He’s the first student to come to you if he sees something wrong with you. He always has a smile on his face.”

He says Jacob loved the Ninja Turtles almost as much as he loved church.

He prays for you. He prays for himself. He prays for everybody,” says Gambrell.

But for now, it’s Jacob who needs your prayers.

Jacob is still in critical condition at Greenville Memorial Hospital. His brother says he had lost 75% of his blood.

The family says the support from people right in the parking lot and also far away has helped.

“Y’all are true blessings. Just keep praying. The power of prayer can uplift anything.”

“He’s such a fighter. You don’t understand. That kid right there. I have faith and believe that he can pull through this.”

His brother says Jacob is on life support and has not regained consciousness since the shooting. Jacob has also already had three surgeries but his body is still too unstable to do another.

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