Townville shooter expelled after bringing hatchet to school, family friend says

This photo was taken at the scene of shooting on Osborne Road in Townville, S.C., connected to the shooting at Townville Elementary where two students, one in critical condition, and a teacher were shot by a 14-year-old boy. (WSPA photo)

TOWNVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The suspect in the Townville Elementary School shooting was expelled from West-Oak Middle School after bringing a hatchet to school last year, according to a family friend.

They say the shooter was 14-years-old and was being home-schooled.

The teenager is suspected in the shooting death of his father, 47-year-old Jeffrey Osborne, at a home on Osborne Road in Townville.

He is also suspected in the shooting of two students and a teacher at Townville Elementary School.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed the identity of the shooter.

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