WSAV reporter registers to vote “On Air”

(SAVANNAH) The final Tuesday this month is a special one for those working the front lines in the voting process in the United States, September 27th is Voter’s Registration Day. WSAV reporter Martin Staunton marked the occasion by signing up to join the ranks of Georgia voters eligible to cast ballots in the General Election in November. Armed with a desire to take part in the democratic process and of course cameras and a microphone, Staunton set out to become one of more than 189,000 registered voters in Chatham County.

The interim director of the Chatham County Voter’s Registration Office, Sabrina German, says signing up requires no documentation. “You don’t have to bring any form of identification when you come in to register, however when you go to the polls to vote you do need identification when you go to the polls.” said German. The 20 year veteran of the Voter’s Registration Office estimates it takes about five minutes to fill out the registration form in long hand. The form is simple, asking for name, address, gender, and event a social security number. German says just because people are not asked for an ID, the form is a legal document and when you sign it, you are affirming that the information provided is truthful. When complete, your registration to vote is portable and you can take it anywhere in the Peach State. ” In Georgia, we’re on a statewide system, so if you register in Chatham County and then you go to Bryan County or another county to register, your name will show up on that state system and we’ll just transfer you from that county.” German said.

The number of people who are signing up to take part in the election is growing and German says just as many people are doing so on the internet as they are walking into offices like hers across the state. “It’s a combination of both, um, coming in in-person and online…um..both methods is increasing withing the last couple of weeks. You can register when you to to do your drivers license, they ask you the question if you want to become a registered voter and you can register online at the Secretary of State’s office.” German said. As voter registration activity increases, German says she’s personally reminded why she makes voting a priority in her life. “I’ve participated in it ever since I was 18 years old, so for me it’s more of a requirement standard, um, because I understand what my parents and everybody else went through to get to, so that I can have the right to vote.” said German.

The deadline to register to vote falls 30 days before the general election. In Georgia, the last day to register to vote in the 2016 general election in November is October 11th. The last day to register in South Carolina is October 8th.

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