Tech Report: Could Snapchat develop a better version of Google Glass? [VIDEO]

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Highly used social media app Snapchat plans to unveil new video glasses “Spectacles” soon.

According to Snapchat, “Spectacles” are sunglasses with built-in video camera’s that will upload video clips automatically to a user’s feed.

KRON4’s tech reporter Gabe Slate gave some more details on the new tech toy, and why Snapchat is doing this despite the crash of Google Glass.

The new video glasses will have a side button. If you hit the side button once it will record a ten second video, tapping the button three times will result in a 30 second video.

These videos will be uploaded to the users Snapchat story through bluetooth on someone’s phone.

Snapchat is catching on to the ongoing trend, POV videos, or point of view videos. It is believed that more and more people want to share what they are doing all the time.

A speed bump for the glasses, is privacy. Just like Google Glass people are unaware if users are recording.

Will the glasses get deemed hip and cool by celebrities, fashionista’s, or millennials?

Only time will tell when the product is released for purchased in the fall for $130 dollars.

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