Savannah State’s Young Democrats react to the first presidential debate

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Young democrats at savannah state university weren’t shy about their reaction to last night’s debate, especially about one main topics, race.
News 3’s Devin Negrete had their reaction post-debate.

A room full of students in anticipation of every topic in the presidential debate. But to them — there’s only one that stood out the most.

“I just wanted to see what they had to say about brutality and there were some interesting facts thrown out there.” explains Monica Boyd.

And for these students — Clinton delivered.

Another student, Angela Saxon said, “Hilary Clinton saying that about the African Americans and how we really need to just really come together and try and help the situations going on.”

Situations these students say need to be dealt with around the country.

President of SSU’s Young Democrats Antown Lang had this to say about the debate, “the difference of ideals when it comes to community policing or when it comes to how African American males are treated by police. I think that in all retrospect some of the answers were avoided. Some of them were not directly answered.”

One of many ideas students say they want to see? How Trump handles coming in the next debate.

“I would like to see Donald Trump not just give some snap back, but I want to see what are you planning on doing.” concluded Lang.


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