About MyLC

MyLC My Local Choice is WSAV 3.3 and features classic shows provided by MeTV, current hits from MyNetworkTV and great local programming from WSAV.

What cable channels can I find MyLC Local Choice?

Check our channel listings to the right.

How do I get MyLC if I don’t have cable?

In Savannah, Hilton Head and the surrounding communities, MyLC is available over the air for free with a digital tuner and antenna. If you have problems with your reception and use an indoor antenna, you should upgrade to a premium antenna like the Terk model HDTVi.

Why am I seeing a different program than what should be on right now?  

On rare occasions a program is changed or substituted by MyLC, and these changes may not be reflected on your on-screen or printed guides. This is done in instances where special or local programming is offered by MyLC.

Why is there a sporting event, news or something else airing instead of the scheduled program?

Me-TV and MyNetworkTV are national networks with affiliates in markets across the country including Savannah and Hilton Head. While many affiliates choose to carry each network’s entire program schedule, MyLC chooses to add local programming including news and sports to our schedule to better serve our community.

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