Jane the Virgin season 3 exclusive: Jane has sex!

Come season 3 of Jane the Virgin, Jane will be a virgin no longer! That’s right: after two seasons of will-she-or-won’t-she drama about losing her V-card, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is going to finally have sex.

“She does lose her virginity this year,” teases show creator Jennie Snyder Urman. “It’s in the first half of the season, and it’s quite a big episode for us.”

Now, onto a burning question: Who’s the lucky lad? Since the show’s debut in 2014, Jane has had two very different suitors competing for her love: Rafael (Justin Baldoni), the roguish millionaire and the man whose sperm was used to inseminate her, and Michael (Brett Dier), the sweet boy next door and on-again, off-again fiancé. There seemed no clear winner between the pair, until Jane took the plunge and revisited Michael’s marriage proposal. Married in the finale episode of season 2 with a flashy party that included Bruno Mars as the wedding singer, Jane finally seemed set for a wild night of passion — that is, until her new husband was shot.

So will Michael realize a night of passion with his new wife – or is another man set to swoop in? “There’s obviously a lot of tension and question marks over that,” says Urman.  And, as it turns out, Jane’s love life will get even more complicated when a certain someone makes an unexpected appearance. “You’ll meet someone from Jane’s past, before she met Michael,” shares Urman.

Though the matter of Jane’s bedmate is being kept mum for now, Urman is experiencing a bit of performance anxiety when it comes to the momentous scene. “It’s keeping me up at night,” says Urman. She pauses, then laughs. “We want to give real expectations, knowing that it doesn’t always come together all at once.”

It’s part of growing up – fireworks (or lack thereof!) and all, which Rodriguez says will be a major theme in the upcoming season. “How is [losing her virginity] going to play into her life, her psychology, how she views herself and how she views her intimacy?” notes Rodriguez of her character. “There’s an evolution.”

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