Weather Wise Kids: Why does it take so long to restore power after a storm?

Josh, 10 years old, wants to know why it takes so long to restore power after a storm hits.

Here’s the answer…

When a storm is big and a storm is strong, there’s bound to be a power struggle.

Just a few weeks ago, Tropical Storm Hermine hit the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.  Thousands lost power.  Most, however, had the power back on in about twelve hours.  Some, though, waited much longer.

We all had to wait until it was safe.

Hermine was a storm that had two parts.  The first half of the storm had a lot of rain and strong winds.  It even produced a tornado.

When the rain came to an end, many believed the storm was gone.  But this wasn’t the case at all.  The second half of the storm didn’t bring much rain, but it did produce some gusty winds.  Trees and power lines were still getting knocked down.  It wasn’t safe for anyone to be out working.

So when the damage is widespread like it was with Hermine, it’s impossible for everyone to get power restored at the same time.

The most important concern is safety.

Power companies first work where primary lines are down, as this can be very dangerous.

Next, electricity gets restored to hospitals, schools and other vital public services like police and fire stations.

Then they will come work on your home.

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