Leader of Savannah gang sentenced to over 20 years in Federal prison

Shavar Spence

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The man at the head of a highly organized Savannah gang that operated out of Cuyler Brownsville was sentenced in Federal court.

Evidence presented at the trial of Shavar Spence, a/k/a “Veezy” was the leader of the “Clock Gang Muzik Group 12:30” or “CGMG.”  The gang was an armed drug trafficking organization that operated in two locations of Cuyler Brownsville.  Members wore gang related clothing and sold drugs while armed.

Through an undercover operation by the ATF and the SCMPD, search warrants were executed on the locations CCGM operated.

Agents and officers seized crack cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, ammunition, military ballistic vests, and firearms.  They also found evidence that Spence allowed a toddler to handle one of the firearms.

Spence was sentenced to 262 months in Federal prison for his involvement with the gang which works out to be just under 22 years without parole.

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