Group rallies for peace in Savannah, around the country

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Shouting and praying for support is how one group rallied in Southside Savannah Thursday evening at Christian New Life Deliverance to help bring peace to the city.

At the rally, they prayed over everyone including law enforcement, city officials and even those in Charlotte.

The P.U.S.H. rally is an effort leaders say they will continue until there is peace here in Savannah and around the country.

“I believe that if we get together and we do something, more than just pray, but we put the action like going out into the streets then we can make a change,” Arleen Fuller, the rally leader, said.

“In Charlotte I think people are just starting to respond in their own way,” Irvin Whitlow, a supporter, said. “The worst thing I think people can do is take matters into their own hands for the wrong reason.”

Even though Thursday’s rally was indoors they do meet at different locations. Some of those areas consist of former crime scenes and other churches in the area.

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