Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rebecca gets even ‘crazier’ in first season 2 trailer

Rebecca’s doing totally fine, you guys! So totally fine!

At the end of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s first season, in-over-her-head lawyer Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) finally hooked up with crush Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), but reaching her goal has only shaken things up even more in sunny West Covina. As she puts it in the first official trailer The CW released on Twitter for season 2 below, she believes she’s “meant to be with Josh” — and he, in turn, thinks they’re being “super mature” — but Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) thinks there’s something wrong.

And Paula’s probably right: The trailer reveals glimpses at musical numbers involving everything from ping pong to popcorn machines, and it’s never a good thing when White Josh (David Hull) calls you out for being “horny monsters.” Also, Rebecca dresses up as a cactus. So there’s that.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns Friday, October 21, at 9 pm on WSAV CW.

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