Concern grows with Bay Street changes

SAVANNAH, Ga. – More road space and smaller sidewalks, since the changes to Bay Street started more than two weeks ago people already have some major issues.

“It’s a big safety factor,” Bonnie Walden, a concerned citizen, said. “The sidewalk on the south side of Bay Street is very small. There’s nothing to protect people from oncoming traffic, which to me has not slowed down. It has sped up since these changes have been made.”

Bonnie Walden works at Bay Street Blues right on Bay Street. Since the new traffic plan began a few weeks ago she says she’s seen nothing but trouble, like people misusing the roped cones.

“By the end of the week half of it was down, people were ducking under it and people were still jaywalking,” Walden said. “Why not widen the lanes and avoid the median? We’ve lived all these years without the median. If the lanes need to be widened widen them that way. Don’t bring the traffic closer to the curb. It’s just a terribly dangerous situation.”

She’s not the only one keeping an eye on the changes.

“It doesn’t look all that safe,” Victor Rosenfeld, another concerned citizen, said. “Hopefully they have a solution for all that.”

Two city ambassadors have been pacing this street for the past couple of days looking for imperfections, like if people actually use the crossing signs or not and what it’s like to be an everyday person walking the sidewalks or driving on the street.

“I think it’s a good idea that they expanded the size of the drive here because before it was very very cramped,” Rosenfeld said. “Before I always felt very nervous driving on the road, especially with the trucks coming from the port.”

Again, these changes are only temporary. On October 9th everything will go back to normal.

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