Parents angry, not notified about bus accident

LONG COUNTY, Ga. – A school bus accident Long County school official calls minor, but some parents said it’s a major issue.

“I was called around 10 o’clock by another parent stating that our kids had been in an accident and that some of the kids are complaining of a headache,” Alexandra Gordon, who had four kids on the bus, said. “I immediately called the school to find out what was going on and I was told it was just a scrape and that it was no big deal.”

Around 7:00 Monday morning a bus full of kids were on their way to school on Highway 84 in Ludowici, Ga.

“We had a vehicle at a stop sign and the bus was rolling up behind the vehicle,” Scotty Hattaway, the director of support services, said. “The vehicle looked like it was about to proceed forward, but it did not. So it stopped again and the bus bumped into the back of the vehicle.”

School officials said they contacted the parents of the kids involved. But one group of parents begged to differ.

“None of the schools contacted me personally and even now they have still yet to contact me,” Gordon said.

“I went up there personally as soon as I learned of the accident and I asked the secretary sitting behind the desk if she was aware of any late busses or any bus incidences that morning and her answer to me was no,” Jessica Welein, another parent with kids on the buss, added.

Parents said the middle schoolers were asked to sign a document stating they were uninjured while the elementary school kids on the bus were cleared by a school nurse.

“The nurse put their name on there, and then the kids’ initials,” Hattaway said. “But, the middle school kids did it themselves.”

“My kids were made to sign a statement, or initial a statement, and asked whether or not if they had any injuries,” Werlein said. “And honestly, my youngest one, she’s 8, I don’t think she’s old enough to make that determination.”

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