Firefighters model for cancer fight

SAVANNAH, Ga. – From fighting fires to modeling for a calendar – 12 female firefighters stepped out of their comfort zone for a good cause.

“We’re used to bunker gear and no makeup and our hair not being done,” Heather McVey, one of the firefighter models, said. “It took us out of our comfort zone of what we’re used to.”

It’s all for 16-year-old Kyley Cornwell who has a rare form of cancer called Epithelioid/Synovial Sarcoma. This is the second time she’s had the soft tissue related cancer, but this time chemo and radiation is not an option.

“They’ve been trying to treat it,” McVey said. “Unsuccessful with the treatment we’re trying to raise the money for. Insurance is not willing to cover it due to the fact that it’s in the trial stages.”

A treatment that just might save her life.

“It has to be paid in full before she can even receive the treatment that could save her life,” McVey said.

That’s when the Southern Female Firefighter group came up with the idea to help Kyley out.

“We sat down, we talked about it, we put all the thoughts and ideas all on a sheet of paper and we ran with it,” McVey said.

Kyley doesn’t have any relations to the fire department at all. About 3 months ago some of the models met her at a softball game. Once they hear her story they knew they wanted to help.

“We felt female firefighters would be a good tie to her because we see the fight in her eyes.”

So far they’ve sold 286 calendars, but they’re still far from their 10,000 calendar goal.

You can buy a calendar by clicking visiting You can also meet the models and get a signed copy on October 1st at Buffalo Wild Wings in Beaufort, S.C. or at Buffalo Wild Wings in Savannah, Ga. on October 22nd.

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