5pm Monday Update on Tropical Storm Karl

Here is the latest update and forecast track for tropical storm Karl.

Tropical storm Karl has turned WNW over the central Atlantic… with no change in strength.

At 5pm… the center of Karl was located around 840 miles ENE of the Leeward Islands with maxiumum sustained winds of 40 mph. Karl is now moving to the WNW around 12 mph.

A general west/northwest motion is expected to continue for the next couple of days… and some strengthening is expected.

Here is the latest satellite imagery of Karl. Karl’s structure continues to slowly improve… convection is increasing and become centered near the low pressure. Based on these data… the storm should begin to strengthen.

Floater One AVN Enanced image

Current forecasts from the National Hurricane Center slowly strengthen the storm to hurricane status by Friday as the storm starts to take a turn more north… then eventually northeast. The island of Bermuda is in the cone track of Karl… so residents there should closely monitor the storm which could be close to the island this upcoming weekend.

The storm appears likely to miss the United States.

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