A weaker Julia, but a potentially stronger Karl…and the chance for Lisa?

Ladies first…

Julia has been an interesting storm to watch, but it makes me happy to see this storm slowly fall apart…and just in time for the weekend.

As of 11 am, Julia had winds of 30 mph and is still holding on to tropical depression status. The storm is forecasted to gradually weaken to an area of low pressure this weekend. The storm system will track northwestward today and north by tomorrow.

Local Impacts:

  • Rough Surf: Waves 2-4 feet
  • Moderate Rip Current Risk
  • Coastal Flooding Possible…especially during high tide
  • Clouds and a few coastal showers 

Let’s talk about Karl.

Tropical Storm Karl is our 11th named storm of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season. This storm is still thousands of miles away from the southeast coast, currently sitting between West Africa and the Leeward Islands. Actually, as of 11 am Karl was about 1500 miles east of the Islands. The storm is moving at west at 13 mph and has sustained wind speeds near 45 mph.

Karl is forecasted to continuing moving west, with little change in strength, over the next 48 hours. Some models have the storm strengthening into a hurricane by mid-week, but it is still a little too early to tell exactly what Karl’s future will look like.

There is also an area of showers and thunderstorms associated with a low pressure system just off the coast of Africa. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting a medium chance of tropical development in the next few days and a high chance of tropical development by the end of the work week. This next tropical system will take the name Lisa.

Stay with STORM TEAM 3, as we will post the latest information on the tropics.

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