Weather Wise Kids: How Does My Dog Know It’s Going to Storm Before Me?

Anyone who has spent time with a dog knows they have excellent senses. Your dog can hear sounds and smell odors way before you, Sofie Beth.

In fact, a dog’s nose is so sensitive it can detect odors *a billion* times better than humans so it’s possible your dog is sniffing a chemical in the air that means a thunderstorm is coming. Dogs also have incredible hearing, especially the ones with big bat-like ears. Your dog can hear the roar of thunder way before you can.

It is even possible Bandy can feel the vibrations from thunder through her paws.

When the pressure drops before a storm you bet a dog will feel it. Dogs are more sensitive to changes in pressure than humans.

While no one can be 100% sure, it’s likely some dogs like bandy know a storm is brewing because they can hear, smell, even feel it, long before we do.

I think Storm Team 3 needs their own weather dog to help us predict storms… what do you think Sofie Beth?

Meteorologist Ariella Scalese



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