Technician explains Samsung Note 7 battery recall

SAVANNAH, Ga. – It’s the recall heard ’round the world.

Tech giant Samsung in a scramble after 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones recalled globally after reports of customers’ phones causing burns and property damage.

Earlier this week a Samsung executive claimed the cause for the phones’ catching on fire is due to a battery defect.

Since the recall, Samsung and the Federal Consumer Safety Regulators have asked people to turn in their Note 7s for their own safety and to obtain a refund or a replacement.

WSAV spoke with iRepair Savannah Midtown Lead Technician Colin Laws about the severity of the threat caused by the phones’ lithium ion battery.

“There are a lot who would not be willing to work on them would not be willing to go through it but we do have one person at every store who is willing to help them contact the carrier and get it taken care of,” Laws said.

He compared the battery breakdown to that of a MacBook Pro they had in the store.

“[Pointing at failed battery] These two cells have failed and expanded greatly and luckily these aren’t at risk of exploding or catching fire because they haven’t been punctured but if they were punctured in the center of the cells they would be facing the same sort of dangers the Note 7 lithium ion batteries would be,” he said.

Laws encourages anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 to turn it in immediately and contact their carrier or Samsung directly for further instruction. He says customers are able to bring their phones to one of iRepair’s 5 locations around the Coastal Empire to begin the refund and replacement process.


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