“Team Alexa” Continues the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Alexa Wilkin was a bundle of joy and fun.

Whether it was saying her ABC’s in the backseat of a car or breaking it down on the dance floor, she wasn’t going to let cancer beat her, even as it took her life.

“Once she was gone I knew that i had to keep going,” explains Katie Wilkin, Alexa’s Mom. “I couldn’t let that be the end, that wasn’t the end.”


For Katie Wilkin, it all started in 2011.

“She (Alexa) was starting to ball up her hands grind her teeth and fall every couple steps.”

A doctor’s visit proved the family’s worst fears.

“That was when they found a mass on her brain about the size of my fist,” remembers Katie.


For the next 3 and a half years Alexa was in and out of treatment. In and out of the hospital. But never far from a good time.

“Oh man you couldn’t slow that girl down,” smiles Katie. “She was the biggest ball of energy loved to sing, love to dance and could spin in circles and not fall down. Not get dizzy.”

“Anybody who ever met Alexa will tell you they miss that little squeaky voice of hers and her crooked little grin, her smile, her personality she was just happy, happy.”

team-alexa-14 team-alexa-12 team-alexa-9

This happy little girl went through hell for 3 and a half years. Each bead in her “needle stick” jar represents another drug, another treatment.

“There’s blood transfusions, platelet tranfusions, stem cell transplant, MRI, CAT scan, chemo, port access, central line access…there’s lots.”

“I tried to get all of her medical paperwork from the hospital and they couldn’t load them,” says Wilkin. “It kept kicking them back. It was over 5000 papers.

All those treatments weren’t enough, 6 year old Alexa lost her battle with cancer in 2014.

But Katie wasn’t finished fighting.

“When you see your neighbors, all the people in the community who are dealing with this disease,” says Katie. “You cant just sit back and ignore it you know you have to do something.”

Something is “Team Alexa”.
A group which supports the kids, the families and the caregivers still in the fight.

“Its not just the kid. Although that’s what you are focused on..it affects the whole family.”

A family that grows bigger each day. Almost as big as Alexa’s smile.

“That’s the best way I know how to honor her life and her legacy. “That’s what she left behind, Her giving, caring spirit she spread through the whole community. its not something i could just give up on its the ultimate way i could remember my angel.”

If you would like to help Team Alexa, and other families and kids battling cancer, just come out to the CURE Childhood Cancer Fashion show and Kids party Saturday at Oglethorpe Mall.


News 3 will be live in the morning before the event which kicks off at 10am in the soft play area by JC Penney.

There will be face painting and News 3’s Andrew Davis will host the survivor and sibling fashion show.

All proceeds go to CURE Childhood Cancer, which helps fund research in our area and throughout Georgia.



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