Port Wentworth neighbors concerned after kids claim to be chased by clowns

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga (WSAV) – Neighbors in Port Wentworth are not laughing, they say a group of people dressed as clowns chased several children in their subdivision.

This comes after creepy clown sightings in both south and North Carolina have gone viral online.

“Stop, it’s not funny,” says Port Wentworth Sgt. Jason Bragg

Neighbors are feeling the same sentiment.

“It’s not funny, it’s not funny and it needs to stop,” adds Soneisha Ling.

Its no laughing matter for neighbors in the Lake Shore and Amberly Estates subdivision in Port Wentworth. They say several children claimed they were chased by clowns on their way to school Thursday.

“They were dressed up as clowns, two of them were walking towards them, two popped out from the bushes and two were coming from another direction and they took off and started chasing them when they ran, ” says Ling.

That’s what Soneisha Ling’s eleven year old daughter says happened. Ling then took to Facebook alerting parents. Fake or not neighbors aren’t happy.

“As far as clowns and stuff like that no that’s, that’s really scary I can understand parents being upset I just hope we can find out what’s going on and get to the bottom of it,” says neighbor Paul Fox who is also an active city councilman and community watch organizer.

Police responded to the call and did not encounter any clown or suspicious person. They have since increased patrols in the neighborhood.

“I had my officers come in about fourty-five minutes early for shift to get out there and work the bus stops along with the nightshift that was working so we had double coverage there for about an hour,” says Sgt. Bragg.

Sergaent Bragg says police have not seen any clowns . He’s not certain what charges the suspects could face, but he assures them police are not clowning around on this issue.

“We will continue to be out and about, we may be seen we may not be seen, and so if you’re out there and you’re doing this, you need to stop before you get hurt or get caught.”

Police answered a suspicious person call Friday morning as well to the same neighborhood but found it to not be clown related. Police and community watch leaders urge parents to know where their children are at all times and call 911 if they notice anything suspicious.

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