DEVELOPING: City Investigating Claims Against Savannah Fire

Savannah Fire

An adverse and hostile work environment.
Powerful words from men who put their lives on the line every day.

Some firefighters are saying the system is broken, and want someone to investigate.

News 3 has learned Tony Thomas agrees. He sent a letter to the Mayor and council Friday asking for an “outside unbiased investigation not connected to the mayor or city attorneys”.

Thomas request is due in part to the sudden resignation of Craig Landholt.

Craig Landholt resigned from Savannah Fire after 21 years
Craig Landholt resigned from Savannah Fire after 21 years

He is Savannah’s Fire Marshal who voluntarily retired, some say forced out this week after more than 21 years with the department. Just after being named Fire Inspector of the Year for Georgia.

Landholt is also one of 10 senior firefighters who made a claim Savannah fire is a hostile work environment to Savannah City Manager Stephanie Cutter last November

It turns out Thomas isn’t the only one concerned about the fire department.

The City of Savannah has already hired a firm to investigate the selacious claims against the Savannah Fire Department.

Murray Investigative Services is the same company who investigated claims against the Savannah Police Department back in 2013.

That investigation led to then Chief Willie Lovett’s resignation.

Thomas has asked for an Executive Session with City Council to discuss the firefighters claims, and he says the mayor has agreed.

We reached out to Mayor Eddie Deloach to confirm, but he is out of the country.

The City believes the investigative firm could be done with their report by the end of September.

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