Caught on video, Suspects break in to City Hall

GUYTON, Ga. – Surveillance video of two people hiding their faces while breaking-in to Guyton City Hall has city officials wanting answers.

“These two drawers were open,” Lauree Morris, interim city manager, said. “I think about that much. That one was open a little bit, but nothing taken. Nothing out of place.”

Two suspects rummaged through drawers of the municipal court secretary’s desk. They broke in around 3:00 Friday morning. The alarm started blaring through the building and police were alerted, but officials say they were surprised to find nothing had been taken or vandalized.

“The cash register wasn’t touched,” Morris said. “Not that there was any money in it, but it was just like they were looking for something and didn’t find it.”

This isn’t the first time it happened this week.

“Thursday morning when we arrived to work, the exterior storage room, the door was kicked open,” Morris said.

A day later, the intruders did the same thing to a different door. They broke off the frame making it easy to get inside.

“That kind of puzzled us as to why it happened,” Morris said. “What was the motive?”

A question they say they want answered.

“We have no idea what they were doing or what they were looking for,” Morris said. “Whatever it was we don’t think they found it.”

They are still trying to figure out who the two men in the video are.

If you have any information, then you’re asked to contact Guyton Police at (912) 772-8745.

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