USC Suspends Fraternity for Misconduct

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – The University of South Carolina has suspended the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity because of misconduct. The school took action after a pledge had to be taken to the hospital for drinking too much at an off-campus fraternity event. He was later released.

Pi Kappa Phi had just come off of probation January 1st of this year for hazing violations that occurred in 2014. The fraternity had no comment.

Three other USC fraternities were already on suspension: Delta Tau Delta, on suspension until Fall 2018; Sigma Chi, on suspension until Spring 2019; and Alpha Tau Omega, which is on suspension until Spring 2020, but its national organization closed the colony in January of this year.

Five USC fraternities are on probation: Kappa Alpha, Chi Psi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Chi, and Phi Kappa Sigma.

Chi Psi pledge Jake Duncan, a sophomore, says of all the fraternity suspensions, “Most of us are just trying to have like a good time and, like, get to know the community and stuff like that and we’re trying to contribute, but it’s just a few individuals are making bad choices and its affecting the rest of us.”

You can see all fraternity and sorority violations at USC online here. ( All public colleges in the state have to post that information online so parents and potential members can see it. That requirement is because of the Tucker Hipps Transparency Act, which state lawmakers passed this year. Hipps died in 2014 after an early-morning run with his Clemson fraternity. He was found in Lake Hartwell.

USC’s Sorority Council is also proposing new rules aimed at protecting sorority members. It’s proposing to ban liquor at sorority social events and prohibit sorority events in the Five Points area of Columbia, which is known for its bars. The restrictions could be adopted by a two-thirds vote of sorority chapters. The move comes after several alcohol-related incidents last month when sorority members were found partially or completely undressed around the Five Points area.

Sorority member Emily Kelly says, “I think that something needs to be done because, obviously, there are a lot of situations that are putting people in dangerous situations, but, I don’t know, I don’t like how they’re trying to control the sororities and tell us where we can and can’t go. I think that, as adults, we can make our own decisions.”

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