Crack down on speed, city approves funds for new police cruisers

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Some say Savannah’s roadways have become speedways.

“I actually went out and drove around this week and everybody was blowing by me,” Brian Foster, the city wide alderman, said. “My concern about that is we’ve had a number of fatalities. A lot of them had to do with speeding.”

City officials say now that the police department has more officers and the money for new rides is approved it is crucial to crack down on those who drive over the limit.

“We asked the police chief and the city manager during our workshop today if they would please focus on traffic calming,” Foster said.

Drayton, Whitaker and Bay Streets are just some of what councilmembers call problem areas when it comes to speeders.

“We’re going to have the measurement tools out there to measure the speed,” Foster said. “Both covert as well as ultimately the officers actually giving tickets.”

Not only was the vehicle purchase approved to stop those driving over the limit, but also for all of the rookie’s joining the force.

“We’ll be at the largest staff by the end of November in two decades,” Foster said. “In the past we had not paid a salary that was high enough to attract new officers.”

Officers who won’t hesitate to pull you over for violating the speed limit.

“If you speed on Bay Street you’re going to get ticketed more than likely.” Foster said.

Foster says the main focus is Bay Street. With the construction and tourists he said it’s crucial to focus on everyone’s safety.

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