Susan G. Komen’s Worship in Pink


We’ve seen breast cancer awareness take center stage at sporting events and special campaigns.
Now faith communities in Savannah are accepting the offering.
Susan G. Komen of Coastal Georgia held the first annual Worship in Pink ambassador training luncheon today.
The workshop teaches church leaders about breast cancer.
Spreading the message to educate their congregations is the next step.
“We’re actually targeting African American churches that tend to be a little bit more medically underserved. We’re trying to reach that population so that they can get the awareness that they need to be screened and know what available resources are out there in the community to get them screened.”
“You talk to a small group and you just tell those people if they share it with 2 more people you’ve covered a lot of people. Like I say it’s just one woman at a time saving one woman at a time,” says Breast Cancer Survivor Yolandra Shipp
Church participants feel the lifesaving message is valuable for men and women.
For more information contact Julie Schwartz at (912) 232-2535

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