Highland neighbors speak out against industrial park


SAVANNAH, Ga. – “I don’t know of anybody here who wants 18 wheelers drivin’ past their school,” a man who lives near Highland Blvd. said.

“I think it’s bad for the residential area,” Bernard Goldwire, who’s lived in the area for 2 years, said. “You know, to have big trucks in and out, in and out of an area that already I’ve noticed an increase in traffic.”

The heavy truck traffic was one of the concerns for people living near the Highland Boulevard area of Savannah.

At the public meeting Wednesday night, dozens of people raised their hands for a chance to explain why a light industrial park is not meant for that spot.

This comes after more than 300 acres have already been reserved recently for industrial development.

“This area needs retail,” David Long, who’s lived in the neighborhood for almost a decade, said. “Commercial business is not going to help the area. It’s going to create more traffic congestion that we already have.”

Congestion they said will make their commute that much worse.

“It already takes you 15-20 minutes to get off of the Highlands just to get out to Jimmy DeLoach,” Floyd Mocilnikar, who also lives nearby, said. “It’s crazy.”

Not only is the traffic a concern for people’s commute, but also for the kids walking to school.

If it does come down this far it would be a danger to perhaps students going to and from school,” Goldwire said.

Besides the retail development some had suggested a new school be built.

“People over here have to go to Garden City to Groves,” Mocilnikar said, “They need a new high school.”

Even though more than 75 people showed up to throw in the idea of a school or more local businesses — people who live in the area said their neighbors were poorly notified.

They said more people need to be given the option to voice their opinions..

“If you drive down Benton or Highland there’s no notification about this meeting at all,” Long said.

The public meeting was just a discussion. One community member said if you have a concern you should call your local elected official since this development still needs to go through city leaders.

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