Eagle alert system tested at Georgia Southern University

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(STATESBORO) Tests are a part of college life, but one test administered at Georgia Southern University involved thousands of people. The eagle alert emergency notification system was put through its paces this afternoon. the system test doesn’t interrupt classes and boasts a broad reach. The system shares vital information in an instant. The alert notifies, students, faculty, and staff if emergency situations arise on campus.

Students say it adds some peace of mind to their college experience. Junior, William Okuoka says it makes him feel safe. “It actually does…’cause ya’ now, I know that in case something happens, I’m gonna be the first to know and I can be able to react properly.” said Okuaka. Senior Chandler Wheeler says she likes the multi-platform aspect of emergency notification with eagle alerts. “I think it’s great because it’s not just texting. You also get calls, emails, so , and if you miss the call or text, they send you voicemail, so either way, you’ll be informed about what’s going on.” Wheeler said. Her classmate, Taylor Ward, says these alerts are tailored to the lifestyle of today’s college student. “With how we use our , our phones and everything these days, I think the texting is super helpful because everyone always has their phone, ya’ know, in our generation, so if I get a text alert I always know what’s going on, on or off campus.” said Ward.

The number of people receiving eagle alerts fluctuates depending on enrollment and the time of year. Wednesday’s test went to more than 24,000 people. The Eagle Alert system is designed to play a key role in keeping Georgia Southern’s students, faculty, staff and campus visitors safe during emergency situations.


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