The Bridge: Leopold’s Ice Cream showing up on menus across town

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Leopold’s Ice Cream is showing up on menus all over Savannah. Each item is exclusive and especially created for the venue.

At Coffee Fox it’s a little piece of ice cream and espresso heaven and called an affogato.

“We’ve been doing Horchata Lattes for quite a few years now and now we’re kicking off the Horchata ice cream,” says Manager Clay Ehmke.

Coffee Fox is now using Horchata ice cream made exclusively by Leopold’s in the fun take on the Mexican cinnamon rice milk beverage.

“They’re part of the history of Savannah for sure and there’s really no one better that we could have paired up for this ice cream with,” says Ehmke.

Coffee Fox is just finishing its first batch of Leopold’s Horchata ice cream. But they’re not the only ones. A handful of Savannah restaurants serve Leopold’s ice creams made just for them, including The Grey and Cohen’s Retreat.

But the first was 700 Drayton. The restaurant has been serving “O Sweet Savannah” ice cream for roughly a decade.

“It’s a combination of pralines, nougatine, rum, of course, and some sweet bread to give it a nice, well-rounded Georgia feel,” says Food & Beverage Director Andrew Holmes.

Luxury hotel entrepreneur Richard Kessler reached out to Stratton Leopold around 2005 for an ice cream that embodies the very best of his native home. Now visitors actively seek out the sweet treat. It’s even suggested by some of the trolley tours.

“We get kids, families of all ages, they come in and out,” says Holmes.

But unlike the other restaurants who use the ice cream in other dishes, 700 Drayton serves it only with a little garnish.

“We want to keep it as natural as possible. It is 100% in its original form from the day of its creation to the day ‘til it hits the table to our guest,” says Holmes. “So they truly are getting it in its most organic form.”

Back at Coffee Fox, Ehmke says response to the espresso-Horchata ice cream combo has been incredible.

“That they would be willing to do special flavors on our behalf was very exciting and we thought of all the possibilities we could do,” says Ehmke.

Now at least two more specialty Leopold’s ice creams are in the works for Coffee Fox. Ehmke says that means even more local businesses getting in on the game.

“Three different businesses, featuring Adam Turoni Chocolat, Leopold’s Ice Cream and Perk Coffee all in one beverage.”

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