Murder of Savannah man may have been connected to previous crime

Police want to know if a man’s murder was connected to his fighting back against a robbery attempt last week.

24 year old Dominique Powell was shot and killed Monday night outside a home on Garey avenue.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police say Powell  was targeted in a robbery attempt last week.

31 year old Antwan Drayton, and 23 year old Arthur Newton robbed Powell on September 7. During that robbery, both parties exchanged gunfire. Investigators revealed that Powell shot Drayton and Newton in self defense.

Powell’s death brings up questions for many people. What can victims or witnesses do to protect themselves from criminals, or criminal’s friends and families, and are they safe?

“A lot of times right after a crime happens they are in the emergency room, there’s a lot of anger, people working each other up,” explains Cheryl Rogers of the Chatham County District Attorney’s Victim-Witness program. “Because there’s a lot of emotions going on. we try to calm them down there are other ways to do this.”

Violence intervention officials go into those emergency rooms to work with victims and their families, to tell them there are other ways to get better, and get even. Ones that don’t include retaliation or guns.

“Some cases we have gotten them out on town for a cooling off period and bring them back for a trial and keep in touch that way,” said Rogers.

Keep in touch and give them a choice.

“You will just end up in jail yourself if you try to go after them they should let the police handle it,” explains Rogers.

But many times victims, either in neighborhoods or the hospital, don’t want to talk to police. They are afraid of what happens after they speak out.

“What they don’t understand is what they see is just a piece of the puzzle,” said Rogers. “they see someone running, someone else can identify the clothing. if people get involved and tell what they know or see then we can get some of these folks off the streets and more arrests can be made.”

DA’s programs like Victim-Witness and Violence Intervention help them see that.

Getting young people away from the dangerous situations and people, or making the victims themselves know someone is there helping.

“I think when people feel comfortable and feel like someone cares they are more willing to talk,” said Rogers. “But its going to take more people willing to stand besides victim and stand besides people in their neighborhood to get the word out thats the way we are getting people off the street when people start talking.”

The Chatham County District Attorney’s Office has expanded their Violence Intervention program to both Memorial Medical Center and St Joseph’s-Candler  hospital.

That way they can reach more victims faster, and give them help or take away the thoughts of retaliation.

If you are a victim of crime and want some help, you can call Victim-Witness at (912) 652-7329.

If you want to get out a potentially violent situation and make a difference, call Violence Intervention at 350-0321.

To report a crime or help catch a suspect you can make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers at (912)234-2020.

Remember if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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