Doctors suggest early vaccinations as flu season approaches

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Flu season is almost here and there are already several confirmed cases in Middle Tennessee.

Doctors and pharmacies suggest you get your flu shot now because you aren’t completely covered immediately after getting one.

“One reason to get them now is it takes about two weeks for the immunization to really become effective in your body for your body to build up those antibodies to the flu virus,” said Little Clinic Nurse Practitioner Marilyn Wyatt-Harris.

“Get them now before we start having a lot of different activities that brings us close together around the holidays then you’ll have that coverage.”

Also, the flu mist will not protect you this year so everyone has to get the shot, which is not welcome news to parents with little ones terrified of needles.

“I know sometimes it is a little bit scary for the little ones and even some adults to receive that flu shot,” said Wyatt-Harris. “However if you weigh the benefits of getting the shot versus the fear so to say of getting the shot you have to weigh those out and understand that getting the shot will offer protection to everyone.”

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