“Freedom 14” starts this weekend as Chatham County AC waives pet adoption fees

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – Adoption fees have been waived this weekend over at Chatham county animal services. That’s because following the Labor day holiday the shelter floor was full with dogs.

It’s the freedom fourteen. Any dog that has been in Chatham county animal control for upwards to fourteen days is free for adoption this week. The shelter is trying to clear the floor. All adoptions come with the normal processing for the potential pets including microchipping and vaccinations.

“When they originally come in they’re here for five days during the stray hold when no one can really see them for adoption. So after they go up for adoption we realize the time they spent in the cage is a little too long so sometimes it’s just time to wave the fees  and get everybody in here to meet the pets to adopt them,”says animal services director Kerry Sirevicius.

Chatham county animal services will be open tomorrow from one until four thirty continuing the event. Shelter directors say there will be more staff on hand to process adoptions Sunday afternoon.


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