Inmate dies from natural causes in Chatham County Jail

Tony White died at the Chatham County Jail September 7, 2016

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Another death in the Chatham County Jail raised some concerns Wednesday after the facility has been criticized for patient care in the past.

The man who died is 60-year-old Tony Anthony White.

“It’s something we couldn’t prevent from helping. It’s just something the lord decided to do,” John Wilcher, the Chatham County sheriff, said.

Wilcher said there’s every reason to believe White died of natural causes. He was just examined by the jail’s new healthcare provider, Correct Health, last week.

“There wouldn’t be an autopsy,” Wilcher said. “You got all the medical records from medical and Correct Health One looked at all of them and said just a natural cause of death. He actually went into the restroom and sat down and never got up.”

Since switching healthcare providers last month, Chatham County Jail officials have reevaluated almost every inmate’s bill of health.

“They’re going back over everybody in the jail,” Wilcher said. “Making sure their physicals are done. Making my jail administrator, her command staff has been making sure the pills are handed out right.”

While using Corizon the jail officials discovered issues with the company.

“We found, my jail administrator, my command staff on the jail side found that people were getting the wrong medication,” Wilcher said.  “People were getting other people’s medication.”

The sheriff hopes those mistakes are being corrected by the new medical staff monitoring medication hand out for four to six hours every day.

The sheriff says the remaining inmates will be examined over the next month.

This is the first death to happen in the jail so far this year. The last inmate who died was taken to the hospital where he passed away in May.

White was arrested in July and charged with theft by taking. He was supposed to be released in October.

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