Facebook Post about Fan Behavior Prompts GSU to Investigate

A Facebook post from a young cheerleader at Savannah State about her experieces (including racial slurs) when her team played Georgia Southern in Statesboro Saturday not only prompted a list of responses but a promise from GSU officials to investigate.

The young women wrote that “Saturday’s game at Georgia Southern may be the worst cheer experience I’ve ever had.”

She went on to say she had “never experienced racial discrimination until that day from bottles bottles being thrown at us to being called unholy names.”

Finally, she wrote that she was “disappointed in Georgia Southern fans and their cruel racial comments and actions.”

We aren’t being told much about what happened, but we are told that GSU is taking it seriously enough to investigate.

A statement from Georgia Southern says “key administrators including GSU president Jamie Hebert discussed (with Savannah State officials) the offensive behavior shown by fans at Saturday’s game and that a full investigation is currently underway.”

We did speak with a parent who attended the Saturday game.  She told us she was in the stands and saw what appeared to be campus police removing a young person after word that a bottle had been thrown.

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