Whitemarsh Island Man opens driveway for neighbors to leave neighborhood

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – clean-up continues throughout chatham county this labor day weekend–as tropical storm hermine left its messy mark.

It has also left neighbors inspired to lend a helping hand to one another. It started like many of the stories we have heard over the weekend with one of many downed tree, this time on Whitemarsh island.

“We started chainsawing it, trying to clear the road, pick up the trees get em off,” says Lenny Panzitta who lives near the Savannah Yacht Club.

As many neighbors around Chatham County have seen, one tree was not the end of the damage.

“The electricity went off and I said I hope another tree didn’t come down where they were clearing and it did, it knocked the transformer down, they all scattered of course nobody was hit but so now we have wires hanging over the road so you can’t get through,” Panzitta says.

Those wires blocked Bradley Creek road just off of Bradley Point road. It was another road blocked by a tree, but this road was the only way in or out for the dozens of families who lived in the area.

“That’s the only way neighbors can get in and out so obviously we let them do that.”

So for the greater part of a day, Panzitta and his family let neighbors pass through his driveway which connected to a back road redirecting them to Bradley Point road.

“This is the only way in and out until they get a crew to take care of those wires.”

It started with the mail lady needing to go through his driveway, and after that, Panzitta had no problem opening it up to everyone else needing to get out.

“It’s the only way they can get out to go to work, take care of their business, get back in for people that had gone to work this morning. it’s for them to get back to their homes and their families so yeah it was, it was a no brainer.”

It was a no brainer from neighbor to neighbor that shines a light on the good that can come out of the destruction caused by tropical storm Hermine.

The road has since been cleared of debris and power lines.

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