Tree causes 36 hour power outage

SAVANNAH – A broken tree has caused a headache for neighbors in the Southside area of Savannah.

It’s branches draped across a power line leaving neighbors off of Willow Rd and Stillwood Dr. without electricity for more than 36 hours.

“Up until 2 o’clock yesterday we had no communication to the outside,” Betty McManaway, who lives off Willow Rd., said. “We didn’t have any phones. No cell phones, no television or nothing.”

Like many trees throughout Savannah it’s limbs broke due to the storm. More than 25 crews across Chatham County worked all day Saturday to clear the mess.

“The guys are out here doing a great job,” Alfia McGarrah, who owns the shed under the tree, said. “Even though they’re out here detouring traffic I’d rather have the tree taken down and moved out of the way.”

“They’ve been out here since about 10:30 this morning off and on,” Paul McManaway, Betty’s husband, said. “They weren’t for a couple hours and they’d leave and come back with bigger equipment.”

It took 12 workers and a crane to get the tree off the power line and away from the shed.

“It’s been a trying time, but I’m just thankful and appreciative that when the tree fell that it fell two ways,” McGarrah said. “One on the shed and one on the ground.”

McGarrah also said she’s just grateful it didn’t harm anyone on the street.

“There’s just so much going on right now. My thing was just to make the families safe and comfortable and we’ll get to this when time permits us to.”

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