Lights back on for Thunderbolt business to give neighbors time away from no power

THUNDERBOLT, Ga (WSAV) – Many people remain in the dark and still unable to cook a meal in their homes tonight as outages still continue in and around Savannah.

For businesses it’s had positive and negative affects, but this morning a local restaurant had their lights come back on in time to provide food for hundreds of neighbors.

This weekend we faced a tropical storm, we plan to celebrate labor day and lastly it’s the first full weekend of the college football season. Many neighbors in or around Thunderbolt and on the islands could not do that in the comfort of their own homes Saturday, so many have come to Coach’s Corner for the day to catch the game and forget about the damage done by tropical storm Hermine.

“We tried are best to keep open and tried our best to make things happen it didn’t happen so we unfortunately we lost a whole day,” says John Henderson who’s co-owner of the Corner.

Henderson says the business, like many neighbors in Thunderbolt, had no power for most of the day Friday. The lights came back on at five in the morning Saturday, just in time for them to feed hundreds with breakfast.

“There’s a lot of people on this side of town that don’t have power so it was a really big thing to be open and have things for them to have and eat and be able to watch the game,” Henderson adds.

That’s because it’s not just Labor Day weekend, but the kickoff of college football. Henderson himself still did not have power at his home.

“About two thirds of the people that are with me right now are don’t have power because they live on Wilmington Island, most of them Wilmington park.”

Hearing from other people in the same situation, Henderson says he was glad Coach’s could provide a brief refuge.

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