Savannah Likely to be Impacted by a Tropical Storm

Confidence has increased this morning that Savannah will be impacted by a tropical storm Thursday into Friday. As of 5 am Wednesday, the storm was still a tropical depression with winds of 35 mph. It has now made the expected turn north, but moving slowly at 2 mph.

Later today, further intensification is expected with a turn more toward the north-northeast. Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued along portions of the Florida Gulf Coast, Tropical Storm Watches farther inland in Florida, and even a Hurricane Watch for the Gulf waters.

The storm will likely pass over or close to Savannah late Thursday into early Friday morning. During that time, very heavy rain, strong and even severe thunderstorms with isolated tornadoes, storm surge of 1-2 feet, and 40-50 mph wind with gusts to 60 mph will be possible.

Rain totals could be as high as 3-5″ near the coast, and 1-2″ inland. Slight shifts in the ultimate track could significantly increase or reduce the impacts we will see, but a total miss is looking less and less likely. Stay with Storm Team 3 as we continue to bring you the latest.

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