City of Savannah officials preparing for Tropical Storm Hermine

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Officials with the City of Savannah released the following statement concerning Tropical Storm Hermine.

“The City of Savannah is currently preparing for tropical storm Hermine, which is expected to bring strong wind and heavy rain to Chatham County on Friday. Fleet vehicles stand at the ready, including the City’s Jet Vac trucks which can clear blockages in stormwater drains. Crews are already checking and clearing drains, with special attention given to areas prone to flooding.

‘The City is actively monitoring this storm’s activity and projected path. Crews are taking action based on the current forecast and its anticipated impact on our area,’ said David Donnelly, City of Savannah Emergency Management director. ‘We will continue to closely monitor the forecast as the storm develops to ensure our response is thorough and appropriate.’

The storm is expected to gain strength during the next 24 hours. Based on the latest forecast, the onset of tropical force winds could start as early as 8 a.m. on Friday in Chatham County. The forecast indicates 4-6 inches of rain, with the potential for higher localized amounts. The winds are forecast to end as late as 3 p.m. on Friday.”


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