5pm UPDATE: Hermine Strengthens a Little as it Increases its Forward Motion

Here is the latest on Hermine and the forecast track of the storm.

At 5pm… Hermine has strengthened a little bit… with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. Another notable change… it has started to move a bit… barely moving earlier today… but now movement is to the north/northeast around 7 mph.

Hermine is centered around 325 miles SSW of Apalachicola, Florida.

On the forecast track… Hermine is expected to reach strong tropical strong strength… possibly to near hurricane strength (70 mph winds)… as it makes landfall along the Florida Panhandle Thursday night.

Friday the storm track still takes it toward our area… bringing with it heavy rainfall… strong gusty winds… isolated tornadoes… heavy surf and the risk of coastal flooding.

Based on the slightly slower and further inland track… here are latest forecast projections for our area…

HEAVY RAINFALL: 3-5 inch storm totals possible with isolated 7+ inch rains. This could create flash flooding. Heaviest rains from late Thursday night through Friday evening.

WINDS: gusty winds of 40 to 50 mph… possibly up to 60 mph. Strongest winds Friday into Friday evening.

TORNADO THREAT: Isolated tornado threat is increasing. Greatest risk for this would be from late Thursday night through Friday evening.

POWER OUTAGES: Still looking for isolated to scattered pockets of downed trees which of course could bring down some power lines and associated power outages.

STORM SURGE: 1 to 2 feet… maybe as high as 3 feet. Some beach erosion and coastal flooding… particularly around high tide.

MARINE: 45 to 55 mph winds Friday… gusts maybe as high as 70 mph over the open Atlantic. Seas nearshore 5-10 feet… 10 to 15 feet further offshore.

Stay tuned to WSAV for the latest beginning at 5pm. Also… our weather page at http://www.wsav.com/weather and our hurricane page at http://www.wsav.com/wsav-hurricane-central/ has a wealth of information as your prepare for the storm.

Also… if you don’t have the WSAV and WSAV weather app… please download it for the latest information. Also… our WSAV social media platforms on facebook and twitter will provide updates on the storm.



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