News 3 obtains Police Audio from First Bryan Baptist Break In

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We have new information about the burglary that damaged one of Savannah’s oldest African American churches.

News 3 uncovered police audio from the morning First Bryan Baptist was broken into and we now know how the suspect entered the church.

“Calling for a fire alarm at a business, ‘Address?’ 575 West Bryan Street,” that’s the initial call from the church security company.

It began as a dispatch for a fire alarm to First Bryan Baptist around six in the morning August 14th.

“We have a 43 and signal 21 at First Bryan Baptist church, 575 West Bryan Street Savannah Fire is on scene requesting PD for an open door.”

“They’re advising they could hear somebody inside they’re going to remain outside until PD arrives.”

That someone was Orenda Odom according to Metro police. In initial police reports, it was not certain how Odom entered the church, but now we know it was through the back door.

“Is the back secure or is that where the door is open at? 22 alpha one that’s where the 43 is at I’m covering it now,” that’s chatter between Metro police.

Half an hour after the call went in for a fire alarm, Metro police make contact with Odom.

“We have confirmed suspect on the second floor.”

“We’re going to need one more unit over here, ‘copy available units please respond to 575 West Bryan Street, First Bryan Baptist church.”

Police say Odom became violent resisting arrest leading them to use force.

“We’re going to need forensics for a tasing.”

Forty minutes passed from when Metro officers made contact with Odom and had to subdue him with a taser. Later Metro confirmed he was under the influence of the drug flakka causing extensive damage still being repaired by church members.

Church members inform News 3 the organ is being repaired Tuesday. Church services have resumed in half of the church sanctuary.

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