Gulf of Mexico Disturbance Likely to Become a Tropical Storm

A tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, known as Tropical Depression 9, is getting better organized this morning. Located about 300 miles west of Key West, Florida with winds of 35 mph, it will likely become a tropical storm later today.

The storm was moving west at 7 mph as of 5 am Tuesday, and will likely turn north-northwest, then north-northeast by Wednesday. A track near or just south of our area is then expected late Thursday or early Friday.

Right now, the most likely impacts look to come mainly in the Thursday – Friday time-frame with gusty thunderstorms and dangerous rip currents. The amount of rain will largely be determined by the exact track of the storm which still has room to be adjusted. Small shifts in that track could have large impacts on rain totals across the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. Stay with Storm Team 3 as more details become clear.


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