5th District Neighbors list what they want in future Fairgrounds site

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It currently sits as the largest open piece of land north of DeRenne avenue in Savannah’s city limits.

Now it’s a development project that could change the face of Savannah’s west side. City leaders have purchased the coastal empire fairgrounds site and Tuesday they spoke to neighbors about what is planned.

“It’s an attractive development property which has the potential to stimulate the revitalization of the surrounding communities to increase existing property values and build generational wealth,” says 5th District alderwoman Dr. Estella Shabazz.

By the end of the year, the city will have full ownership of the coastal empire fairgrounds.

“The sky will be the limit as to what we can do and we will end up having neighbors and activities that everybody can enjoy,” says Feiler Park neighborhood president Betty Jones.

The two options city council has laid out for it, mixed income homes or development or low income housing, that’s something Shabazz is not in favor of.

“The one thing we do not need and we do not want is the decreasing in the values of our properties.”

Neighborhood leaders in the meeting the city to focus on making sure development promotes the Tatumville, Feiler Park and surrounding areas for generations to come.

“Anything that’s going to build the community and make our young people really want to stay in our community and invest in our community,” says Tatumville neighborhood association president Mable Hudson.

There is not timeline for what will come to the site, but many neighbors want to see housing, grocery and retail as well as space to promote youth sports and activities.

The city spent nearly $3 million buying the property and only sixteen acres of the sixty six can be built on. Alderwoman Shabazz believes a majority of the land can be built after some flood mitigation is done on site.

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