How to defend yourself in case of an attack

In case of an attack, knowing how to use self-defense can save your life.

SAVANNAH, Ga. – An attack can come by a predator at anytime of day or night.

While it can be surprising, the circumstance of a potential assault doesn’t have to render a victim helpless.

In addition to being aware of one’s circumstances, not traveling alone, and carrying keys or mace at all times, the use of self-defense can save a life.

Michael Sampson is a sifu at Savannah Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy. He recommends if someone has to fight, and fleeing the scene isn’t possible, to target specific areas of an attacker’s body.

“[Aim for] right between the nose, the temple, the side of the neck, the throat, the ribs, the groin, the side of the leg, the actually hurts really hard if you hit it with the side of the knee or whatever. That really hurts,” he said.

He also recommends that when yelling for assistance, to call more for than just ‘help.’

“I basically tell people to yell ‘help and fire.’ Because a lot of times when you yell help, people don’t want to get involved. But if you say fire, something for some reason everyone wants to see a fire, ” he said.

Sampson offers various types self-defense classes to different demographics. Check out the academy’s Facebook page for special details and times.

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