Hinesville assault ends with man trying to run over woman with baby in hand

HINESVILLE, Ga (WSAV) – A Liberty County man is in jail tonight facing multiple charges after he tried to run over two women and an eleven month old baby.

Witnesses say the man knew one woman and the baby boy.

“The father of the baby had the mom and the baby both in like a knee lock and had a knife at the baby’s throat,” says Kristal Peters.

Gas station video shows Peters running towards a white PT Cruiser in the Flash Foods gas station in Hinesville. She says she went to help the mother after she heard her screaming.

“I went running with the baby and then he hit us,” Peters adds.

Hinesville police answered a call for aggravated assault at the gas station. Now they know it was an altercation between a couple that ended a baby boy getting hurt.

“He was trying to strike the child and the mother with the vehicle and ended up hitting the ice box and backed into a vehicle trying to re-position himself,” says Hinesville police Detective  Michael Bell

“I understand it did have some injuries I am not sure to what extent but I do know the baby was taken to the hospital,” adds Hinesville PD traffic accident investigator Richard Boucher

Police have identified the driver as 23 year old Aaron Williams. He is facing multiple charges including aggravated assault.

Police have not released an update on the child’s condition at this time.

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