3 displaced in Lake George Mobile Home Fire


Three people are displaced after a double-wide mobile home fire in Lake George on Saturday afternoon.

The fire happened in 100 block of 4th Street when a man staying at the home began burning leaves in the backyard. Shortly after, he left them unattended to use the bathroom inside of the home, according to Mike Hodges, the Liberty County Fire Coordinator.

When the man returned, he noticed the fire had spread throughout the backyard and into the sides of the mobile home, Hodges said.

When firefighters arrived, the rear of the home was fully engulfed in flames that were spreading quickly throughout the residence.

No one was inside when the fire occurred; the other person who lived in home was out of town, said Hodges.

Although no one was hurt, a parrot, along with kittens, and a dog died due to the fire.

After further investigation, it was determined that the man did not have burn permit to burn leaves.

*Lake George, Midway, Eastern District and Riceboro Firefighter and Rescue units all worked together to put out the fire.




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