PHOTO GALLERY: Celebrate National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day and in honor of our four-legged friends, we’ve set up a photo gallery for you to send in pictures of your fur babes.

Send the pictures to and we’ll include them in the gallery.  Please include the text, “For National Dog Day” in the subject line.

Here’s some interesting information on man’s best friend from found by our news partner WSPA.

According to, men who own a Golden Retriever have the most success in the dating world. While women who own bulldogs have the most success. also found women are about 20 percent more attracted to men who have a dog.

The data breakdown on for dog lovers is as follows:

Owners with these dog breeds have the most success:
o Straight males – Golden Retriever
o Straight female – Bulldog
o Gay male – Spaniel
o Lesbian – Mutt

Top 5 Dog Loving States:
1. Colorado
2. New Hampshire
3. Vermont
4. Minnesota
5. Washington

Top 5 dog breeds mentioned on Match profiles:
1. Golden Retriever 22.99%
2. Labrador Retriever 20.60%
3. Terrier 9.45%
4. Boxer 6.72%
5. Bulldog 6.32%

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