Update: Tony Thomas responds to Grand Jury decision not to charge him


A criminal grand jury will not hear the case against savannah Alderman Tony Thomas.

That means the case against the alderman, for now, is “closed”.

18 members of a Civil Grand Jury spent more than a week listening to testimony from more than 40 witnesses.

When it was done, Tony Thomas was cleared of criminal wrongdoing, but grand jurors weren’t done with him, or any of his accusers or alleged victims.

The reason the Civil Grand Jury says the case against Tony Thomas should not move on is not because he is necessarily “innocent”, but because the statute of limitations has run out.

That means its been too long since the alleged crime happened.

Grand Jurors heard from three men who claimed they had been molested by the Alderman.

14 of the 18 grand jurors agreed Thomas’ actions quote “clearly violated” the statutes.

Another 14 grand jurors agreed that “there have been some illegal and outlandish wrong doings going on.”

It goes on to call Thomas “unprofessional, misleading and unadmirable for a person in his position”

But in several other comments, Grand Jurors state they “do not” believe Tony Thomas is a sexual predator and call several of the witnesses “not consistent or credible”.

The terms “vindictive” was used and called one media source a “coward”

Another comment says the three men who claim Thomas molested them and several of his vocal accusers were quote “out to get” the Alderman.

Those same jurors said “I’m sorry” to the alleged victims and the officers, investigators and public servants who spent “many man hours” on the case.

Many of the other jurors had varying opinions and you can read them here.

Tony Thomas recently posted this message on Facebook:

From Tony Thomas:

I want to take a moment and say Thank You to the many many friends that have comforted me; said a nice word; did not leave me; and who tolerated unbelievable bigotry and persecution for standing by my side during this whole ordeal. Sadly, a few ‘fair-weathered’ friends showed their true colors and chose the sidelines of safety while this fabrication ran its course. It’s sad that some people would sell their souls for a little bit of money and/or hopes of it to such a fraudulent cause but the truth prevailed. It’s even sadder that we have some unscrupulous, dishonest, and unprofessional people in the local media who would embrace a cause and actively participate in such a slanderous quest while trying earn a notch in our local community. The road is not over here and I look forward to working with my lawyers here and elsewhere as we continue to rectify this situation. In the meantime, I want to express the deepest appreciation to all of you who weathered this storm with me and never left my side.



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