‘Underground’ television series to shoot in Savannah

This flyer was placed in the mailboxes of local Savannah residents to inform about a television show that plans to shoot in Savannah.

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Forrest Gump and many other productions chose to make Savannah its backdrop.

Now there’s a new show in town looking to make Savannah it’s home for the time being.

‘Underground” is an online series focusing on the historic Underground Railroad and plans on shooting its second season in Savannah.

Underground sent out a flyer over the week to local residents informing them of a crew coming to film as well as informing them of changing the scenery of the locale.

According to the flyer, people should expect changes with parking around Chippewa Square, a temporary road put in around the square and “remove some of the Spanish moss from the trees in the square on Hull Street.”

“I think it said in the letter the city has given permission for the moss removal which isn’t technically true. We’ve worked through what we think is a good plan but they have yet to submit an application with the city,” Brett Bell of the City of Savannah said.

The flyer promised another letter with more details to come about parking restrictions.

Since the flyer was delivered, several people have been sounding off, on all sides, about the removal of moss from the classic Savannah oak trees.

“There’s lots of moss in a lot of the trees. The vast majority of that moss would stay. It’s just the ones that are hanging very low maybe something like this here and really would fall naturally if it rained today. You’d see a lot of those clumps falling anyway,” Bell said.

Bell stresses people need to know that moss removal happens anyway due to city-sanctioned maintenance and there have been previous productions filmed in Savannah that have had moss removal completed. If Underground were to get permission to film, there would be an arborist on site during the removal of any moss.

“Our main focus is to protect our citizens and business owners, while also allowing this important industry to survive here in Savannah,” Bell said.

If the show gets approves, there are two days of filming set for Tuesday, August 30 and Tuesday, September 6.



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