UPDATE: Savannah Robbery, Beating victim speaks out against criticism

SAVANNAH, GA – (WSAV) Thursday stabbing victim, Carol Bontekoe spoke out on facebook regarding criticism as to her role in her assault. On August 15th at 3 in the morning, a man armed with a knife attempted to rob Bontekoe as she return home. Bontekoe fought the assailant and was stabbed in the eye. Thursday Bontekoe on facebook posted a picture of her injuries and her thoughts on the criticism directed towards her and her decisions the night she was attacked. You can read her post below:


” This is what violence against women looks like. My eye and eyelid at one point didn’t resemble either, a surgeon worked wonders to get me to this point. A knife was driven into my eye with such impact it fractured my skull.
People have said I shouldn’t have been riding my bike, I shouldn’t have been out so late, I shouldn’t have been drinking so much, how dare I be a woman out alone after dark. I did this to myself by not being “careful” or “aware”.
When people hear I was coming home at 3am many have responded, “oh… So you were out partying.”
I have caught myself feeling I have to justify my behavior that night.
“Well, I ride my bike everywhere, it’s my mode of transportation.”
“I work late.”
“I honestly hadn’t had that much to drink, I wasn’t wasted or anything. I just wanted to sing some karaoke.”
Why do I feel the need to justify? Why does any of that matter? Why do people blame me for having the audacity to be a woman out alone at night?
Instead of whether I was alone or wasted or out late why isn’t the focus on why aren’t we creating a society and cities where women can feel safe being on their own? Without a chaperone? Completely unsupervised. Don’t we want cities where women are safe to roam on their own, at all times of the day? Women are not children they do not need babysitters.
I’m one of the baddest bitches around.
I fought off my attacker with a bicycle. I carried myself and my bike up four flights of stairs after being stabbed in the face. I kept myself alive, no man swooped in to save me. And the focus by many wasn’t on the strength of a woman, but a woman’s “ignorance” that got her there.
I’m fucking done with violence against women. I’m fucking done with victim blaming.
Violence against women is all of our fault. We need to ask, expect, and keep men more accountable. We need to build communities safer for the most at risk people. We need to demand more of politicians and community leaders. Women shouldn’t be expected to be held up in their homes because the sun has gone down and they do not have a man chaperone them around town.
How many women have to go through abuse and trauma before we demand more of ourselves?” “


(August 15, 2016)

A woman coming home late at night, just her and a bike.

That is until a man comes up to take her purse and stabs her not once but three times.

Carol Bontekoe is in Memorial Medical Center, recovering from those stab wounds, including one to the eye.

carol 10 carol 7

“There’s nobody else..she’s just one of a kind.” says DIane Buckery, Carol’s sister.

A one of a kind and adventurous woman.

Carol Bontekoe was in the Peace Corps, biked across North America and three countries in Europe, and was about to go on a trip to ride through Africa.


That is until what happened near Forsyth Park this weekend.

“There’s always a better way always a better way then trying to rob and mug somebody,” said Gabe Buckery, Carol’s Brother in Law.

It happened about 3:30am at the bottom of these stairs at a home on Hall street.

Carol apparently tried to fight him off with her bike. The suspect stabbed her three times, and ran.

She was then amazingly able to make it up 42 stairs with her bike to call for help.

“That’s why I say I don’t want her to be afraid because i think she felt safe and then this happened,” said Diane.

Now Carol is in the hospital surrounded by friends and family helping her through what will be a long recovery.

“She was able to move the eye around,” explained Gabe. “She was able to move it up and left and right. It looked pretty good.”

“Its amazing the support and network of friends she has in Savannah. the friends that came to visit and give her flowers.”

Carol is supported by so many people, but even as her sister lies in pain. Diane and Gabe Buckery feel for someone else too, the suspect.

“If he’s doing something like this he’s going around trying to steal a purse he has a knife he has intent to stab somebody there’s something really wrong with him,” said Gabe.

“I feel really bad for him because like..what has he gone through and why would he think this is a choice?” explained Diane.

“I hope he completely changes and I pray for mercy on his soul,” said Gabe.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police say the suspect
is about six feet tall and was wearing dark clothing.

If you have any information, police ask you to call Crimestoppers right away at 912-234-2020.

Remember all tips are anonymous and if yours leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

A  Gofundme account for Carol Bontekoe has already raised more than $24,000.

She has no medical insurance and still is at the beginning of a long road to recovery.

If you would like to help her:


SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV)- Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department’s Robbery Unit needs help identifying the suspect in an armed robbery on the 100 block of Hall Street. The event left a 32 year old Savannah woman seriously injured. Her name is Carol Bontekoe.

Friends and family tell News 3 she has been in surgery throughout the day. Friends also report that doctors are confident the surgery saved her eye. Bontekoe was reportedly stabbed three times, the worse was suffering a stab wound to the eye.

Police report the victim was attempting to enter her residence when an unidentified male suspect, armed with a knife, approached and demanded her purse. The victim told police that she was stabbed before she could comply. She fought the suspect off with her bicycle and entered her residence. The suspect ran east on Hall Street with the victim’s belongings.

Investigators are working to identify the suspect. The suspect wore dark clothing during the incident. Detectives ask persons with information on this case, particularly individuals who may have been near Hall Street, to come forward.

This investigation continues. Anyone with knowledge of this incident should contact the SCMPD tip line by dialing (912) 525-3124.

Information may also be forwarded to CrimeStoppers at (912) 234-2020. Tipsters remain anonymous and may qualify for a cash reward.

There is a GoFundMe now set up for Bontekoe who does not have health insurance to cover the surgery.

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